Use of the Force?

Don’t forget that we will be living inside a story together for a couple of days.  Your actions will determine how our story resolves.  There are no Jedi, save for Luke Skywalker, but the Force exists with or without Jedi…

The Third Pillar of Studies: Self Discipline

Light Saber Training?

Once you have been trained by our Battle Masters you’ll never want to be without your weapon. Sure, they’re just sticks, because Lightsabers are the weapons of Jedi and Sith. Take what you’ve learned seriously.  It could apply to a lightsaber if these rare items were to ever be found in the galaxy. You will be trained in the first two forms of saber technique. At the end of camp, you will be advised on which form might be best suited to your particular skill set. You will then have the opportunity to sharpen your skills and compete in the Youngling Tournament – a demonstration of poise, discipline, and aptitude.

We will have discussions and demonstrations of historical Lightsaber variants and Lightsaber Countermeasures to ensure that you are well-trained and well-prepared.

Strategy and Field Operations

In this current time of war, the Resistance serves as the end of the pike.  The oldest of the prisoners in the system are Resistance fighters.  They have valuable insights into troop movements, reconnaissance, tracking, and combat training.  This would seem to run counter to the Order’s mission as galactic peacekeepers, but it is the role we find ourselves in nonetheless. This means that we are responsible for the lives of the Clone Troopers that serve under our command.  We value life above all else, and as such you must be mindful of how best to serve the Republic with your troop deployment strategies while preserving the lives of your men.  Troop deployment, field reconnaissance, and geo-spatial navigation are the tools you’ll be given to help ensure you and your troops are as safe as you can be in a time of conflict. You will have Clone Troopers under your command and must then demonstrate good tactical ability in the service of the Republic.


To prepare you for your Trials we have devised games that will test your endurance and agility. In order to succeed, you will need a lot of luck and skill.  May the Force be with you.

We have table-top games like the Star Wars Miniatures game, which will allow you to play a team of characters from the Star Wars Universe.  This game will test your ability to strategize and work together, traits valuable to the Resistance.

Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game, tests your ability to strategize in this easy to learn/difficult to master dogfight style tabletop game.

Surveillance Probe training (Drone flight) will challenge your ability to help us gather intelligence in a very harsh environment.

A game of Star Wars Miniatures in progress.

A game of Star Wars Miniatures in progress.

Creative Down-Time

Whether you’re relaxing your brain with one of our many torturous logic puzzles, creating amulets and protective talismans, or composing the latest hymn from the movies with our Song Master, you’ll be certain to find your niche. We will have Star Wars-inspired arts and crafts for you to explore. Come on by our Lore Master’s area and record your experience for future Younglings.  At the end of camp, will have data files to install in the Holocron.


Like all fans of the books, movies and cartoon series, we all have our own stories that are set in that galaxy far, far away. We encourage you to tell your stories, too.