Clone Wars: Camp Overview


THIS CAMP IS CLOSED!  Thanks for your support.

For Initiates & Younglings ages 9 -16

We still have space in this amazing camp. Enroll now! (updated 3/27/2013)

The Galactic Republic has been embroiled in conflict with Separatist forces for years. Evil has risen up to challenge the Order and the peace and security it represents in the galaxy. The planet Thule has become an impromptu training ground for Younglings and Initiates of the Order, but Thule is far from safe.  It was once home to a thriving temple and academy belonging to the ancient enemy of the Order and of the Republic.  The old temple still holds secrets of the dark side.  The temple must be cleansed of the dark side if the order and the Republic are to be kept safe. Time will tell what dangers may be lurking in the shadows and quiet places surrounding the new Jedi training facility.

Fortunately, you have been identified by the Order as a Force-sensitive Youngling or Initiate. A Knight or a Master from the Order will be arriving to train you in the ways of the Force at the new Outer-Rim training facility on planet Thule.  Things are going to get interesting…