Star Wars: Join the Resistance Day Camp

This is a Star Wars Literary Day Camp Family event.  

For Younglings and parents ages 9 -Yoda aged

There are no Jedi left, save Luke Skywalker.  First Order has dealt the New Republic a devastating blow with the annihilation of planets in the Hosnian system. After the destruction of Starkiller Base at the hands of the Resistance, the First Order has stepped up their attempts at regaining control of the galaxy. On a small moon around Rattatak, is a an aging prison complex, once a part of the Empire’s brutal system of suppression. The First Order has quietly used this prison system to gather beings it has deemed as threats to “order” and “safety”. The first to be imprisoned were Resistance members captured as prisoners of war. Then came the smugglers, traders, bounty hunters, slicers, and gamblers. There is only one way on and off the blockaded moon – by a First Order prison transport.

Back in the days of the Empire, stories persisted that the moon was also used as a storage depot.  It is rumored that Emperor Palpatine had facilities that still hold secrets of the dark side. Secrets that could be used to destroy the Resistance and the New Republic. Ridiculous to be sure, but the stories of an ancient evil persist amongst the prisoners of the moon.

Someone inside the prison system has sent a coded message to the Resistance.  Is it a plea for help?  The setup to a trap? As prisoners, will you be able to escape the prison moon and join the resistance?

Two explosive days of intensity, then things are going to get interesting…